19th July 2024 

What is Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapists believe that we are made with the ability to deal with whatever problems come our way.

Sometimes however, due usually to childhood experiences, this process can get stuck. Fixed, inflexible ways of managing our problems hinder our capacity to lead creative and satisfying lives.

In therapy, the therapist and the client, work together to find what these fixed patterns are and how they still affect our lives. When we become aware of what these are, there is then the possibility of bringing about change.

Owning our experience

How often do we hear others, or ourselves! say 'he made me do it' or 'she made me angry.'

This all too familiar way of describing our experience is indicative of a powerless way of being in the world; of not owning what is our responsibility.

In therapy, I aim to increase your level of self-support to a place where you may accept personal responsibility for your experience and behaviour.


Like all relationships, the therapeutic one requires committment and some hard work.

In my experience, regular weekly, face to face sessions bring the most support and benefits.